DRY-LAM in MacLab (Rm 224) at these rates:
8.5" x 11" - $0.50/sheet
11" x 14" - $0.75/sheet
16" x 20" - $1.50/sheet

32" x 40" sheets can be purchased at KSU bookstore or MacLab (Rm 225)
Your board MUST be either white-white or black (NO OFF-WHITE OR OTHER COLORS)


matt cutter (Rm 223)
bladed paper trimmer (Rm 215 & 223)
2 dry mount presses (Rm 215)
tacking irons (Rm 215)


1. Based on your print size, cut your matt down to desired size. All your prints should be consistent sizes for each assignment. Your matt board should extend to create 2-3" boarder beyond your print size.
For example:
print size 11 x 14" = matt size 16 x 20" (that is exactly 4 matts per 32 x 40 sheet)
2. Tack your dry-lam to the back of a finished dry print in a squared cross pattern (so the corners are loose but the tissue is secure)
3. Using a bladed paper trimmer (the guillotine type does not cut straight), trim the excess edges from your photograph and dry-lam at the same time.
Both the print and dry-lam will be exactly the same size.
4. Using a RULER, position your paper + lam in the exact center of your matt board, and slip the tack iron between the print and tissue to tack the print in place.
5. Carefully place the board and fixed print into pre-heated (178F/ 81C) dry mount press, and close bar to add pressure.
6. After about 15 seconds it should be fixed.
7. Place in cool press for 30 seconds to insure flat cool-down.