Digital Photography
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DAVID TRAUTRIMAS, Oil Can Residence (2008)

Digital Photography is designed to give photography majors the skills to make quality digital exposures and explore digital printmaking. Topics covered will include: digital camera parts and operation, scanning, color management, Photoshop techniques and archival ink jet printing. We will emphasize shooting and seeing, with readings and exercises that expand observation skills and introduce students to the history of photography. Lectures will focus on methodological approaches in contemporary art practice.


- Proficiency using digital cameras for shooting and processing still images
- Proficiency in file management and output, digital inkjet printing
- Develop critical thinking skills, learn how to talk about photographs and gain from the work of other artists
- Read and respond to aesthetic writing and learn to research an art topic


After Photography, Fred Ritchin (2009, Norton)
The Photography Reader, Liz Wells (2002, Routledge)
Photography, by London, Upton, Stone (11th edition) - 9th or 10th still works


You will need to have a camera with settings you can control. Phones do not work for this class. Optimally, you should find a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) that has an option for manual control.
Suggested models:


You will need 1 TB of external hard drive for this class. External hard drives must be Mac compatible. DO NOT try to use a hard drive that is dual compatible (they don't really work with Macs). Hard drives are available at any office supply store. Here are some examples.


Visit this site to reserve printing time for Epson Professional inkjet printers. Also see list of papers, sizes and prices.
Epson Stylus Pro 4800, 4880 Ink-based Printers and media prices
OPEN MAC COMPUTER LAB (VA 224) - scroll down menus under this heading to RESERVE printing time.
Note: Be sure to reserve your printing time ahead of the due date (you will have difficulty getting space if you wait until last minute)


Always ask for a "student discount” wherever you buy:
Tripod Suggestion
KEH (for new + used equipment) ph. 404.892.5522 KEH
B & H Photo Video (for supplies and equipment) ph. 800.606.6969 BH
SHOWCASE PHOTOGRAPHICS - 2323 Cheshire Bridge Road ph. 800.886.1976showcase
PPR (for camera and equipment repairs/help) 11th Street off Northside Drive ph. 404.885.1885 PPR
Smaller Dealers:
CAMERA BUG Briarcliff Road, Sagehill Shopping Center ph. 404.873.4513 camera bug
WINGS Camera, 3100 Briarcliff Rd NE, 30329, 404-636-4406 Wings
QUALITY CAMERA - 382 Trabert Ave NW, (404) 881-8700, quality cam

Camera Repair

Mark Hama, 2675 Earl Dr.,Marietta, GA 30062 phone: (770) 565-1498
Camera Service, 4391 W. Atlanta Rd., Smyrna 770-432-4257
Peachtree Camera and Video Repair, 562 Wylie Rd NE 404-233-5423
PPR (Professional Photo Resources) 667 11th St. 404-885-1885

Grade Spread

Grades 70% (projects) + 30% (reading, quizes, participation)
A: Excellent work - extra time spent, risks taken, unity of concept and handling of materials to create an original visual statement.
B: Good work - above average work, solid concepts and skillful handling of materials, experimentation and conceptualization pushed.
C: Completed all assignments - average work, competent execution of ideas and craftsmanship with no outstanding qualities and no measurable risk-taking.
D: Poor work below average, poor execution of ideas or misunderstanding of assignment with little attention to craftsmanship.
F: Unacceptable work - failing, no attempt to articulate ideas and total lack of attention to craftsmanship.

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Syllabus Notes

The schedule may vary throughout the semester.
If a student enrolled in this class does not meet the prerequisites for this class, the instructor has the right to drop the student from the class roll.